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Spread the Qword

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  • We too well know the internal struggle when picking a board-game
  • Jaws clench around fists as the following mental tug of war commences:
  • Word game/quiz, word game/quiz, word game/ quiz. It all gets too much.
  • Thankfully, Qwordie is here to dispel such struggles
  • A ridiculously entertaining, fast-paced spelling quiz
  • Perfect for all adrenaline junkies looking to catch a kick


Dear World,

It’s time to talk about our smartphone obsessions. Does no one remember board games? What about good old fashioned fun? Does that jog any memories?

Lets not push another species to extinction. Now for pete’s sake would someone show little Jimmy how to operate a board game before Candy Crush Saga melts his mind.



Qwordie is A tasty mix of a quiz and word game. Once upon a time a cheeky little word game from across the tracks met a beautiful word game from the big house on the hill. Nine months later…out popped Qwordie.

The aim of the ol’ game? Be the first person to spell a correct answer. The winner is the person whose stack of word tiles passes the winning line on the tin.

Players must pick five random word tiles from the tin, and use these to spell out answers to questions.

One player will adopt the masterful role of referee, said person will proceed to pick question cards and read these to the other, inferior players. You’ll be asked things like, ‘there are 7 colours in the rainbow. Spell one.’

If, with the tiles in front of you, you can spell an answer - absolutely shi*tloads of congratulations to you - you’re one step closer to winning. You’ll then stack your winning tiles against the tin. The more words you snap up, the more tiles you pile. You’ll clamber up the tin and eventually hit the ‘you’re the winner’ mark.

If you can’t spell a darned thing with your pathetic word tiles, play continues and more word tiles are plucked from the tin.

The first competitor to pile up enough word tiles to hit the finish mark wins. All the losers should then proceed to call it a day.

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