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Qwerty Leather Wallet
  • Qwerty Leather Wallet

Qwerty Leather Wallet

Heeere’s money!

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    Nice embossed typewriter keys

    Practice your touch-typing on the bus, or just add a little geek-chic to your pocket, with the Qwerty Leather Wallet. Embossed with the ever-so-pressable letters and numbers of a typical Qwerty keyboard (with a smidgen of creative license) this funky wallet also features the immortal phrase “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” on the inside – a handy reminder to step away from that typewriter every now and then.

    As well as the embossed text inside, you’ll find room for up to six different cards, and two sections for bank notes and receipts. In fact, with so much space and the durability of the real leather, the Qwerty Leather Wallet will last you forever. And ever... and ever...

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