QuickSnap Ice Tray
  • QuickSnap Ice Tray

QuickSnap Ice Tray

One cube or two?

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    Twisting the Quicksnap Ice Tray

    First twist...

    Unless you’ve got one of those Harry Bigbutton fridges with an ice machine grafted into its door, plopping a few ice cubes in your drink can be an infuriatingly fiddly business: smack the tray and half a dozen cubes tumble to the floor, bend it and you risk knocking out the cat.

    Squeezing the switch on the Quicksnap Ice Tray

    ...then squeeze the switch!

    So how do you release just one or two cubes without turning the floor into a Pingu-like scene of icy devastation? Easy, you use the ingenious QuickSnap Ice Tray. Brimming with ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ factor, this dishwasher-safe tray features a unique sliding mechanism that holds cubes in place until required.

    When your drink needs cooling down simply push the individual switches to snap each cube out of its compartment. You don’t even need to touch the ice. Cool, eh? Now where’s that bottle of Pimm’s… 

    Quicksnap Ice Tray holds 12 ice cubes

    12 ice cubes at the ready!

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