Quick Pool

    Quick Pool

    Come on in, the water's lovely!

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      Along with a Ferrari in the drive and a helipad on the roof, a swimming pool in the garden is one of those luxuries that most of us only ever see on MTV Cribs or episodes of Footballers' Wives. And before you say "I wouldn't bother with one even if I had the money," consider how appreciative friends (and friends of friends) would be if they knew they could cool off on hot days by popping over to your humble abode and slipping into something cool, wet and accommodating. Now do you get the picture?

      Quick Pool: happy family

      But how do you achieve this water-based fantasy without winning the lottery, marrying Hugh Hefner or getting busy with a JCB? Simple, you purchase the ingenious Quick Pool. Okay, so it's not exactly Olympic-size and you can't really swim in it, but we defy anyone who visits your home on a hot day not to strip off and hop in the minute they see it.

      Quick Pool: Pump

      At almost 11ft long and 6ft wide, the Quick Pool is big enough to accommodate around six people at a push, but who cares about playing footsie (and everything else-ie) when you can beat the heat so quickly and easily? The Quick Pool inflates in only four minutes via its nifty rechargeable pump - all you have to do is fill it with water (holds around 350 gallons).

      The Quick Pool really is a wonderful water feature. At summer soirees the Pool becomes the focal point of the garden, irrespective of how many fancy plants and shimmering lanterns you've got. Plus, its super sturdy PVC construction means it always keeps its shape and can withstand all manner of late night H2O-based horseplay.

      Quick Pool: valves

      The Quick Pool deflates quickly, too. A special quick release valve means you can hide the whole shebang in the shed, loft or cellar until you fancy another splish splash in the garden. Short of hiring a bunch of bunny girls, this PVC piece of paradise really is one of the best ways to introduce an element of laid-back decadence to your garden parties. And even if it doesn't succeed in boosting your popularity, we can think of no better place to sit back and enjoy a cold one after a hard day at the office. Come on in, the water's lovely!

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