Quick Pie Maker
  • Quick Pie Maker

Quick Pie Maker

Who baked all the pies?

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    Closing the lid

    Close the lid and start making
    some tasty pies!

    We’ve got the hang of making toasties, so why not pies? Well, that’s the thinking behind the ever so handy (and snappily titled) Quick Pie Maker! Looking just like a double sandwich toaster, this brilliant bit of kit will let you turn any filling into a tasty home-baked pie.

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    Cheese and beans, winter vegetables, heck; even last night’s chicken curry would make a great savoury snack. Or perhaps you could turn your hand to desserts: apple, rhubarb, summer fruits, maybe even marshmallow? With your very own Quick Pie Maker you can go where Mr Kipling wouldn’t have the plums.

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