Quick Hit 8
  • Quick Hit 8

Quick Hit 8

Don’t sweat it, net it!

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    When pro cricketers, baseball players and golfers aren’t busy counting their millions, they while away the hours chucking, chipping and thwacking their balls into practice nets. But who wants some whacking great eyesore sullying their garden 24/7? Not us. That’s why we use the amazing Quick Hit 8.

    Thanks to sturdy tent-style posts connected with elastic cord, this ultra-portable 8’x8’ practice net is ready for action in just two minutes. And packing it away is as easy as putting it up, so it needn’t become a permanent garden fixture.

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    Cricket and Golf targets
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    But why confine your fun and games to the garden when you can take the Quick Hit 8 anywhere you fancy? Thanks to an accompanying carry bag it’s a cinch. ‘Yay, practice in the park, no ball-chasing required!’

    Despite its supreme portability, the Quick Hit 8’s high quality power drain net will take the wallop out of the most vicious shot or throw, so it’s perfect for ball botherers of any ability. Don’t sweat it, net it!

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