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Quick Breakfast Kit
  • Quick Breakfast Kit

Quick Breakfast Kit

Eggs and bacon in a flash

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    Quick Breakfast Kit

    Eggs and Soldiers

    If you’re the kind of person who wakes up ten minutes before work begins, butters their hand and cracks a couple of eggs into the kettle, you need help. And here it is in the thoughtfully bundled shape of our Quick Breakfast Kit.

    Ideal for domestically challenged bozos or anyone in a mad rush first thing, this nifty kit comprises three ingenious, easy-clean gadgets. First up there’s the Microwave Egg Poacher. Just crack in your eggs, pop in the microwave for a couple of minutes and presto! Perfectly chookified eggs without the pans and water.

    Quick Breakfast Kit

    Crispy Bacon straight from the microwave

    Next up, say ‘oink’ to the Bacon Crisper. Simply lay your rashers on this grooved tray and pop in the microwave for effortlessly crispy bacon. No artery-clogging oil required.

    Finally, it’s onward eggy soldiers with the Perfect Soldier Cutter. Just roll this handheld oojamiflip against your slice and it will create a series of precisely placed perforations. Once toasted, your perfectly formed platoon can be torn off ready for dipping. So what are you waiting for? Breakfast is served!

    Quick Breakfast Kit Quick Breakfast Kit Quick Breakfast Kit

    Bacon Crisper

    Perfect Soldier Cutter

    Egg Poacher

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