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Question Block Storage Tin
  • Question Block Storage Tin
  • Question Block Storage Tin
  • Question Block Storage Tin

Question Block Storage Tin

Not got mush-room?

Product not available at the moment.
  • Store your power ups, whether it be cookies or cognac
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Please don't fist bump
  • Does not contain coins, Super Mushrooms, or Fire Flowers


Mario is one of, if not the most iconic video game personalities to grace our lives. The hardships he undergoes day in day out. Peach gets princess-napped, our mightily moustached hero fights his way through masses of Koopla's and Goomba's, engaging in a slugging battle with Bowser over and over again. For 35 years! All for Princess Peach – who has an uncanny talent for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Do you ever see the poor 8-bit bugger frown? No. He gets regular power ups from his trusty Question Blocks, has a mushroom or two and bloody well gets on with it.

Take inspiration from the jovial plumber, though we'd advise against throwing your defeated enemies remains at it or fist bumping the Question Block Storage Tin, simply pivot open the lid, no problem.

Alternatively, if you're philosophically minded or dabble in theological physics, what better prop is there to discuss thought experiments like Schrödinger’s Cat or Beetle in the Box?

You can tap it as much as you like, it won't spit out gold coins, bean stalks, Super Mushrooms or Fire Flowers unless you're under the influence of some seriously powerful hallucinogens (not included, sorry).

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  • "Great tin, perfect size to hold all my medication out of my toddlers reach whilst still looking very nifty indeed!"
    Annmarie Pottrell - 22nd of July, 2016