Question Block Light
  • Question Block Light

Question Block Light

Punch your lights out

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  • Bring a little piece of the Mario world into your own home
  • Emits that classic 8-bit 'PING' sound effect
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Won't fling out over-sized gold coins each time you tap it


From the moment we played our first game, we secretly wished that we could bring a little bit of the Mario world into the real world (and we're not just talking about Princess Peach). Dressing up the dog as Yoshi never quite cut it, and that venus fly trap turned out to be nowhere near as big or aggressive as we'd hoped... but now, thanks to the Question Block Light, our 8-bit fantasies just got a little bit closer to reality.

Instead of floating mid-air, this pixelated beauty sits proudly upon your bedside table or office desk. There's no need to leap up and punch it from beneath, just give it a light press from above to turn it on and bathe in its wondrous Nintendo nostalgia.

You can tap it as much as you like, it won't spit out gold coins, bean stalks, Super Mushrooms or Fire Flowers. Seriously, we've tried. It will however emit an incredibly satisfying and moreish 'ping' sound.

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  • "I love this light! It is really light and you can plug it to the electric socket or just with batteries. Really handy!"
    Yaiza - 20th of December, 2017
  • "Good quality and looks great...I can't stop hitting it just to hear the sound though, I'm sure it's annoying everyone but me :D"
    Scarlet - 28th of February, 2017
  • "Wahoo! Absolutely brilliant. Was worried these may not big or sturdy enough to work as bedside lights, but they are perfect."
    Anneka - 24th of August, 2016
  • "Really nice original and useful."
    Declan - 22nd of June, 2016
    Irene - 15th of June, 2016