Quantum 3.2

    Quantum 3.2

    6.6 megapixel shots for less than £100. It really is a digital dream!

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      There comes a time in a person's life when they have to put aside childish things and replace them with altogether more adult accoutrements. The same adage applies to gadgets and once the novelty of being able to take digital snaps on a camera the size of a sugar cube wears off, you'll be looking for something a little more heavy duty.

      Quantum 3.2 Rear View

      Step forward the Quantum 3.2 from Digital Dream, a camera more than capable of taking eminently printable pictures for an asking price of just £129.95. Where most cameras would shy away from the task of reproducing images with enough detail to produce skyscraper-sized prints*, the Quantum fair laps up the challenge and asks for seconds.

      Quantum 3.2 - joypad detail

      It's all down to the Quantum's chunky 3.2-megapixel CCD which, when combined with some cunning software trickery, produces 6.6-megapixel images. At top resolution, you might be alarmed to learn that the Quantum can store but 8 images on its internal memory. Worry not, fair customer, the Quantum also features an SD/MMC card slot, meaning you can take advantage of falling memory prices to beef up the capacity of the mighty Quantum. A 4x digital zoom makes framing distant subjects a breeze, although beware - digital zoom tends to pixelate the subject, so use it sparingly. Our advice? Move a bit closer.

      Quantum 3.2 - LCD detail

      Should you fancy yourself as more Tarantino than Testino, there's always the video option, which allows up to two minutes of video with audio to be recorded on the internal memory. It may not be enough for your very own "Kill Bill" but you can certainly shoot a very reasonable Reservoir Dogs on it. Gang rob a jewellers, gang get shot at, some of gang die, gang go to hideout, gang have an argument gang shoot each other, the end. Perfect.

      Quantum 3.2 - in hand

      In addition to its exemplary lensmanship, the Quantum also offers the bonus of webcam functionality when connected to your PC, so you can do whatever people do with webcams these days. Don't ask us. We don't know. We're pure as the driven, honest.

      * May be a complete fabrication

      Memory Upgrade We also sell SD Cards which can boost this storage capacity of this camera.

      Sample Images

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      Taken with Quantum 3.2.

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      Taken with Quantum 3.2. Thanks to Paul Berner for the sample images.

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