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Barbecued anything? It's in the bag!

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    Barbecues are great for cooking slabs of meat, stacks of sausages and big ol' baked potatoes, but they're not much cop when it comes to cooking saucy dishes or anything involving itty-bitty items.

    And that's why you need to get some Qbags. These revolutionary cooking parcels enable all you wannabe Ainsleys to cook virtually anything you fancy on the barbecue - from casseroles and marinated meaty things to chopped-up veggies, steamed fish, noodles and deliciously soggy seafood recipes.


    Fill Qbag with food and
    fold one end

    Made from aluminium foil with an easy peel, self-venting polyester window, Qbags expand to create a steamy cooking chamber that maintains moisture and succulence and prevents saucy food from slopping all over your coals. This means you can cook up a storm when you're out and about without messing around with pots and pans. You won't even have to clean up the grill. Simply pop in your ingredients, seal the bag and plop it directly on the barbie. Clever, eh?


    Cook virtually anything you fancy on the barbecue

    As well as allowing you to keep an eye on your grub, the ingenious little window on each Qbag peels back so you can add ingredients/stir food as you cook. And when your culinary masterpiece is ready you can simply pull the window off and eat straight from the bag. Mmm...ratatouille.

    Although they're ideal for outdoor cooking, these smart little packs can be used in regular ovens too.


    Contains 8 Qbags

    Just think, with a few Qbags you'll soon be putting self proclaimed grill masters to shame as you mix up your menus al fresco. Yes, everyone loves chargrilled burgers and brats, but thanks to Qbags you can serve up exotic side dishes and loads of scrumptious recipes to complement the classics.

    In fact, Qbags will re-ignite your love of outdoor cooking the second you start using them. So get ordering - we're off to throw a few shrimp (mixed with noodles, herbs, soy sauce and spring onions) on the barbie.

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