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    QWERTY Magnets


    Your standard computer keyboard is about as romantic as a half-eaten sausage. A jumbled-up amalgam of letters, numbers and squiggly symbols. But like so many things in life, the parts are greater than the sum (or is it the other way round?). Whatever. The point is, in the case of QWERTY Magnets, some bright spark has ripped out a few carefully selected keys and magnetized them.

    QWERTY Magnets

    See... Keys!

    These quirky little keyboard-style magnets are fabulously romantic as they spell out LOVE Ü or MISS U. Ideal for the fridge or filing cabinet, they really are the perfect gift for smitten tech-heads who need things spelt out. Better still, they’re not half as soppy as most romantic message-style magnets. In fact they're rather chic in an executive-in-love kind of way

    QWERTY Magnets

    Oh, oh, oh it's magnet!

    Of course embarrassed recipients could always arrange them to spell I SUMS or OVULE but that would be about as romantic as the aforementioned sausage. And romance is what QWERTY Magnets are all about.

    Before all you penny pinchers out there start looking for the pliers, consider this: yes, you probably could yank the relevant keys from your existing keyboard b t that w ld b daft. Besides, if you do that you won't be able to send amorous follow-up emails to recipients of your highly original gift.

    QWERTY Magnets

    Sticks to any metallic surface! (Even boring filing cabinets)

    Speaking of QWERTY keyboards, did you know that this layout was created to slow typists down? It's true. In an effort to stop old-style key hammers jamming, boffins arranged the alphabet all over the place. The typewriter died but the format lives on. History lesson over, let's concentrate on the present. Namely the incredibly innovative present you're about to buy. Yes, QWERTY Magnets. Good grief, do we have to spell it out? GET ORDERING. THANK YOU.

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