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    Marble falling through the maze

    Watch the marble cascade!

    Is it a futuristic construction system or a colourful sculpting set for cascading marble runs? This compelling brainteaser is both, as it challenges you to build working marble mazes shaped like dinosaurs, robots, flowers, fish and more.

    Yes folks, Q-BA-Maze is unlike rival modular construction systems because the shapes you create double up as marble runs. The idea is to build something, anything, using the hollow interlocking cubes and then watch agog as the steel marbles cascade through your amazing transparent masterpiece. Marbleous!

    A tower built from the Q-BA-Maze parts

    Build a 'cool' tower

    Thanks to the clever polycarbonate cubes you can have fun designing increasingly treacherous routes for your intrepid marbles. The permutations are endless: butterflies, towers, complex shapes, surreal sculptures – you name it. You can even link several sets together to create a spectacular Record Breakers style marble run. It’s totally addictive.

    But don’t just take our word for it (although in all honesty, you should) because this innovative confusion of blocks and balls has been winning awards left, right and centre. The design press has been going gaga for it too. But that’s no surprise as Q-BA-Maze is part art, part plaything, and it encourages creative 3D thinking in would-be architects of all ages.

    Available in two sizes (36 cubes with 14 balls or 12 cubes with 8 balls) each Q-BA-Maze is guaranteed to thrill and enthral in equal measure. You can even choose between ‘Cool’ packs containing blue and green cubes or ‘Hot’ containing orange and yellow. That’s the easy bit, because the next thing you’ll need to decide is what to create: a catfish coaster or a twisty turny tower. Marbles away!

    The 20 and 50 piece set packaging for the hot pack   The 20 and 50 piece set packaging for the cool pack

    Hot Pack
    Available in either a 20 or 50 piece set


    Cool Pack
    Available in either a 20 or 50 piece set

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