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    Smash Your Back Out!

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      If you're the sort of person to whom the perfect shopping trip involves a journey to MFI testing out sofas and beds, the Pyramat may well be the gizmo for you. Designed as a gaming accessory, the PM300 folds out into a cushy foam loafer's standby and lets you take it easy while you mash heads, crack skulls, crash cars and shoot people at point-blank range.

      Pyramat folded up

      "Hmm, relaxing", you might think, and it is. Until you crank up the volume, when the Pyramat's veneer of comfort and leisurely relaxation is swiftly smashed to jolly loud pieces by the thunderous bass of its 50-watt three-speaker boom box, replete with 4-inch subwoofer. As it rattles your spine to shards, "Hmm, I'm going to die", would be a more accurate musing.

      Pyramat extended
      Pyramat reverse angle

      It's not just gaming that the Pyramat's ideal for, either. It's perfect for getting a pseudo surround sound effect when watching DVDs, where the vibration of the ported bass driver lets you, quite literally, feel the action. Slap on a CD and plug in the Pyramat and you can while away the evening listening to Enya, or some other such ethereal pap, or simply whack on Linkin Park and get a similar effect to strapping 14 pneumatic drills to your back.

      Pyramat half seat

      Should you tire of gaming, listening to music, or watching films you can simply fold it neatly into a highly portable bundle or fold it out halfway and use it as a comfy chair. It's just about the most useful piece of furniture you'll ever own and as a special offer, we're giving you the hearing aid and chiropractor's voucher you'll undoubtedly need after a few hours of use for absolutely nothing.*

      * Just kidding.

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