Pyramat Gamebag 2.1

    Pyramat Gamebag 2.1

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      Pyramat Gamebag 2.1

      Rock your socks off!

      Are you sitting comfortably? Good, because once you've read about the incredible Pyramat Gamebag 2.1 you're going to be spending even more time lolloping around on your backside. That's because this state-of-the-art beanbag lets you hear and feel the action from video games, music and movies like never before.

      Thanks to embedded surround sound speakers and a 20W subwoofer, the Gamebag will transport you into a bone-shaking world of crash-bang-wallop sonics that make you feel like you're actually in the game or at the gig. Filled with billions of beans, it's also an incredibly comfortable place to park your rear during marathon gaming sessions. There's even a storage pouch for full loafability.

      Pyramat Gamebag 2.1

      Integrated speakers

      The powerful integrated speakers cause every bullet, blast and thwack of the snare to pulsate around your entire body. Intense? Well, put it this way: one of our testers asked to be checked for bullet wounds following a Gamebag-assisted game of Halo. And the one who made the mistake of listening to Motörhead is still at the dentist having his fillings refitted.

      The Gamebag's settings are controlled via a built-in panel, so you won't have to get up to boost the bass or crank the volume. And assuming you haven't got the speakers turned up to eleven, you'll be the only one immersed in the sound, so neighbours won't come a knocking when Rammstein start rocking. If you're sad enough to live with a load of gamers you'll be pleased to know that multi-user technology allows up to 8 Gamebags to be connected at one time. Anarchy!

      As well as gaming, this squishy body rocker can be used to add oomph to your movies, and it's compatible with portable devices such as iPods and PSPs. Simply plug 'em in and you're away. Short of grafting a subwoofer and two tweeters onto your auditory nerve, we can think of no better way to immerse yourself in truly superb sound. C'mon, feel the noise!

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