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Highly addictive pyramid scheme

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    Some things are addictive for all the wrong reasons: reality TV, coffee and tea, fizzy pop, repeats of Going for Gold - the list goes on and on. Thankfully Pylos, the pyramid-based board game from our good friends at Gigamic, is seriously compulsive for all the right reasons. And the only after-effect is an uncontrollable urge to crush your opponents with your ball-stacking abilities again and again.

    Pylos That's right, we said ball-stacking. That's because Pylos is a truly original game in which players take turns to construct a pyramid using 30 wooden marbles. As any Egyptologist will tell you, it's difficult enough building a pyramid from colossal blocks of limestone, let alone a load of little balls. And that's not even your only goal. You see the object of Pylos is to be the player who positions their very last ball at the pinnacle of the pyramid. Allow us to explain.

    Pylos Two players are given 15 beautifully-crafted wooden marbles apiece. They then take turns to construct a pyramid by placing a sphere of their own colour (either light or dark) in one of the sixteen indentations on the playing board. As the pyramid grows the balls must be placed on top of each other to provide elevation to the pyramid. Are you still with us?

    Pylos Constructing a square in your own colour allows you save marbles back in your reservoir. But saving a ball for the final move remains your goal, so the question is, do you place a new ball on the board to augment the pyramid, position a new ball to block your opponent, or move a played ball to a new location? The winner is the player who saves the most marbles and is thus the last to complete the pyramid.

    Each game of Pylos lasts between 5 and 20 minutes and you can play different rules for different levels of ability. It really is one of the most addictive ball-based playthings we've ever seen. And because it looks as good as it plays it makes an ideal desktop companion/distraction. If all this sounds like a pile of balls, it is. But it's a multi award-winning pile of balls that's so ludicrously engrossing you'll be talking complete spheroids all day long.

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