Puzzle Pod Gift Cryptex
  • Puzzle Pod Gift Cryptex
  • Puzzle Pod Gift Cryptex
  • Puzzle Pod Gift Cryptex
  • Puzzle Pod Gift Cryptex

Puzzle Pod Gift Cryptex

A play on words

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  • Make them work that little bit harder for their present
  • Seal in their gift with your own five letter code
  • Nearly 12 million possible combinations
  • Feed them clues, don't feed them clues, string them along for years


Receiving a gift shouldn't always be an effortless exchange. People need to work a little harder for their presents, only then will they fully appreciate them. Everyone loves a good puzzle, a riddle, a challenge.

If you've dipped into Dan Brown's classic novel (or seen the film) then you may recall that the Cryptex was a combination locking cylinder that held a secret scroll and a vial of vinegar. Any attempts to break into it would result in the release of the vinegar and ultimate destruction of the secret contained within.

Whilst there's no gift-melting acid in this capsule, it's the perfect puzzle-sealed vessel for your recipient's present. Choose a five letter code, slip their gift inside then let the games begin. Feed them clues, don't feed them clues. String them along for days, weeks, years.

Once (if) solved it can be re-used again and again; there's even a handy coin slot underneath so you can use it as a piggy bank. We'd recommend that you set the code to something like "Pizza" or "Vegas" to remind you what you're saving for and prevent you from instantly squandering that precious nest egg too soon.

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