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Puzzle In A Puzzle


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Love it as much as we do?
  • Multiple sets of edge pieces! 😱
  • Solve a puzzle... within a puzzle
  • Featuring distorted photography from KangHee Kim
  • Take your puzzling game to the next level
First rule of puzzling – always start with the edge pieces. Everyone knows that.

... which is why VSCO has teamed up with Areaware to rip up the rule book and create the Puzzle In A Puzzle. A revolutionary new puzzle shape that (unsurprisingly) has a puzzle within another puzzle – meaning there are multiple sets of edge pieces to blow our tiny minds.

The two different puzzles can be completed together or separately; and to make the challenge even harder, the puzzles feature perplexing photography by KangHee Kim. Her mysterious images use mirrors to create reflected and distorted scenes. Good luck!

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  • "Perfect gift a puzzle puzzle lover."
    Max - 22nd of December, 2017
  • "Excellent puzzle, takes a few head scratches, adds another dimension to a classic"
    David - 21st of December, 2017