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Puzzle Alarm Clock

    Puzzle Alarm Clock

    Wakey wakey, rise a jigsaw!

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      It's not just us regular Joe Shmoes who have problems getting up in the morning. History is littered with seemingly intelligent people who just couldn't get their backsides out of bed. Rumour has it Ronald Reagan almost missed his own inauguration due to an ineffective alarm clock, and King Alfred burnt his cakes because he forgot to set his cockerel. Probably.

      The point is, short of fitting an air raid siren to your clock-radio or gluing a megaphone to your cockerel's beak, the how to wake up options for heavy sleepers are rather limited. That's where the ingenious Puzzle Alarm clock steps in.


      The last time a puzzle was combined with a clock the result was a genius piece of TV known as Countdown. With this in mind we've been scouring the universe for a similarly outstanding creation that wakes you up instead of sending you to sleep. And by the power of Vorderman we think we've found one. Infuriating but incredibly effective, this bizarre alarm clock is guaranteed to wake you up. Why? Because the darn thing won't stop ringing until you correctly reassemble the 4-piece jigsaw that explodes out of it every time the alarm goes off! Genius, eh?

      Clock face detail

      Believe us, putting a jigsaw together is a great way to wake up, because unlike forcing yourself to walk across the room to turn off the alarm (another popular but flawed method) you actually have to use your noodle to get this little baby to shut up. The Puzzle Alarm Clock is a perfect gift for people who have problems getting up (that's pretty much everyone, then) and its funky, contemporary styling will add an air of elegance to any bedside surface. Now all you have to do is remember to set it!

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