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Pushpin Lamp

Push it real good

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    Pushpin Lamp

    P-p-p push it!

    Pushing pins into cork reminder boards must have been seriously painful before some bright spark decided to bung a plastic cap on one end to create the pushpin. But thank goodness they did, because these sharp little thingamabobs are real lifesavers around the home and office. In fact the humble pushpin is a design icon.

    Pushpin Lamp

    P-p-p pin it!

    Perhaps that's why some imaginative soul has decided to model a table lamp on everyone's favourite piece of tack-like stationery. Standing 15" tall, the classy Pushpin Lamp looks great in any contemporary setting and it's an ideal way to illuminate your desk/work area in a Pop Art kind of way. Thanks to its generous proportions this is one pushpin that can't be left on your seat by infantile workmates hoping to perforate your posterior. (Trust us, we've tried).

    Pushpin Lamp

    Looking sharp!

    As you've probably guessed, pushing the top of the lamp turns it on and off, which is handy as you won't have to faff around finding the switch. It's also strangely satisfying: on then off; on then off; on then…well, you get the idea.

    Best of all, the Pushpin's sturdy base is made of cork, so normal sized pushpins can congregate beneath this glowing giant in order to keep receipts, postcards, reminders and photos of gurning colleagues in place.

    The Pushpin Lamp really is one of the most innovative pieces of lighting we've seen in ages. Who'd have guessed that enlarging such a dull object would result in a lamp this chic? Not us, because had we predicted the stir the Pushpin is currently generating amongst style-conscious lamp lovers we'd have invented it ourselves. So hit Buy and prepare to push it real good.

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