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Pusheen Travel Pillow
  • Pusheen Travel Pillow

Pusheen Travel Pillow

Feline sleepy?

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Pusheen Travel Pillow
Love it as much as we do?
  • Support your head with Pusheen's soft and curvaceous hide
  • Perfect for long haul flights and tedious car rides
  • Lightweight, portable and exceptionally cuddly
  • Treat yourself to a plush and luxurious cat nap
Are you sick of waking up with your head flopping about while drool drips onto your collar?

Just rest your neck in the soft and warming embrace of the Pusheen Travel Pillow and indulge yourself in a plush and luxurious cat nap.

Perfect for snoozing on planes, trains and automobiles (and other less traditional forms of transport) the Pusheen Travel Pillow will help you keep your head up.

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