Puppy Pile-Up
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  • Puppy Pile-Up
  • Puppy Pile-Up
  • Puppy Pile-Up
  • Puppy Pile-Up

Puppy Pile-Up

Let the heaping dogs lie

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  • Tentatively balance miniature mongrels atop a tower of teacups
  • Hone your fledgling chopstick skills
  • Arrange the teacups in various ways to make it more challenging
  • As the dawgs mount up, so too does the unbearable pressure
  • Makes Jenga look like a walk in the park


Trouble gripping your Terrier-aki? Making a mess of your egg-fried Poodles? Struggling with your Sweet and Schnauzer? Puppy Pile-Up is the perfect game to hone your rookie chopstick skills.

As the name suggests, the aim of the game is to use chopsticks to tentatively balance these miniature mongrels atop a precarious tower of teacups, which can be re-arranged to make it even more challenging. Granted the instructions are written in mysterious Japanese, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to 色んな楽しみ方見つけよう (invent a whole host of exciting ways to play).

When it comes to challenging your physical and mental strength, this is the absolute pinnacle; and as the pooches begin to pile up, so too does the unbearable pressure. It's like an intense game of Jenga... only harder and with dogs in teacups.

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  • "Despicably hard. My little girl went kray kray for this."
    Philip Spence - 4th of January, 2016