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Puppy Collage T-Shirt
  • Puppy Collage T-Shirt

Puppy Collage T-Shirt

Puppy love

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  • Featuring a cross-eyed Japanese Akira
  • Selection of other adorable breeds
  • Also has roses and tulips (apparently they're canine favourites)


The Puppy Collage T-Shirt is the latest in our range of amazing animal attire. Starring a selection of adorable dog breeds; including a spaniel, a huskie, a lab and some kind of cross-eyed, fluffy white pooch, these puppies couldn’t be cuter.

Pictured in their natural habitat, these puppies are stacked in a gravity-defying assortment of baskets and flowerpots, and surrounded by what look like tulips and posies. Printed in perfect detail on these high quality tees, how can you say no to those puppy-dog eyes?

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