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Pull-It Corkscrew

    Pull-It Corkscrew

    What a corker!

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      Tough on corks, tough on the causes of corks, the Pull-It Corkscrew is cherished and adored by everyone at Firebox. Although it looks suspiciously like something that could take your spleen out, the Pull-It is really rather useful if you want to open a bottle of wine. And boy does it help the medicine go down quickly - three seconds flat, if thousands of satisfied customers are to be believed. Playboy looks and laid-back neo-tech style belie the fact that it's a masterpiece of (very) civil engineering. We don't know how it works, but we know that it does, which is the important bit.

      Lovely packaging It's been a long and arduous task testing it out but your brave and dedicated Firebox crew have been doing just that. Plonk it on top of an unassuming wine bottle and seconds later, you're in. No huffing and puffing, no embarrassing spills, and best of all, no broken teeth, because we've been thoughtful enough to include a free foil cutter. What could be better? So, arm yourself with a tasteful vintage (or failing that, something from the bargain basket), some appreciative company and off you go. With this little beauty, pulling is believing...

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