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Puj Bath Tub
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Puj Bath Tub

Give me a cuddle, washerwoman

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    Puj Bath Tup flat

    Flat for easy storage

    Rather than buying a bulky baby bath, why not convert your sink into the softest, most supportive tub there is? The Puj Bath Tub lets you do just that. Simply fold this super soft mat into your sink and as you lower your baby in, it will cradle and support them.

    Not only will this make them feel safe and cosy but thanks to the non-slip material it means you can use both hands to clean them. Plus it gives them a chance to play in the water while you get their towel ready (which is the best bit about having a bath).

    Fold in the sides Bend in the bottom parts compress the seating area

    Bring the sides together

    Fold in the bottom parts

    Compress the bottom to make the seating area

    Baby bathing

    It's bath time!

    Once bath time is over, simply pat the Puj Bath Tub dry and store it out of the way. The flat design means it’ll slide into all sorts of narrow gaps and will even hang discreetly from your bathroom door.

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