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Finger Flickin' Good

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  • Own the no 1. elasticated table game in the world
  • Tenderly hand-crafted from Sheesham and Mango Wood
  • Unleash a ruthless competitiveness you never knew existed
  • Makes Jenga look like a massive waste of everyone's time


Think you've already played the greatest table game ever? Got something better to be doing? Pucket.

This is the most vigorous and frantic table game you will ever play. It makes Jenga look like a bloody simpleton.

Based on the traditional French game 'Table a L'elastique,' players race to clear the wooden pucks from their end of the board and the winner is the first to clear their side. There's none of this taking-it-in-turns nonsense, just let fly and go berserk (and take it from us, you will).

Affectionately hand crafted from Sheesham and Mango Wood, it's as much a distinguished and intriguing piece of design as it is a game – like an old piano, you can't just walk past it without having a little play around.

Own a soon-to-be family heirloom and unleash a ruthless level of competitiveness that you never thought possible.

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