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Pucci Hoodies
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Pucci Hoodies

Dogwear that's straight off the catwalk!

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    What makes you think your beloved bow wow wants to walk around all day in his/her birthday suit? Yes, dogs have got nice fur coats but who says they can't accessorise with some stylish clobber? Not us, because we dress our doggies in Pucci Hoodies.

    These chic designer tops are as smart as they are practical and Rover will absolutely love 'em. Because let's be honest, designer doggiewear is a bit thin on the ground. True, you can buy those dreary tartan tunics, but if you're going to demean Fido in that manner you might as well go the whole hog and buy a matching cardie and a pair of carpet slippers.

    Pucci Pet

    Hoodie Pink

    Parka Khaki

    Hoodie Blue

    Featuring a drawstring hood to keep doggie warm, these fleece-lined tops are beautifully made and guaranteed to elicit envious looks from every other pooch in the park. We're currently stocking pink Pucci Hoodies for ultra-glam bitches and blue ones for dope dogs-about-town.

    We're even selling special Pucci Parkas. These lightly padded Liam and Noel-style khaki coats are ideal for chilly days and feature silky orange lining and detachable hoods. You can even remove the legs (of the coat, not your dog) so they can be worn as body warmers. Stylish? Well if they're good enough for Mickey Rourke's Chihuahuas they're good enough for you, because when it comes to accessorising his hounds, Mr Rourke is da shizzle bam nizzle.

    As well as making your dog look and feel fantastic, Pucci designer doggiewear is certain to attract attention from other dog owners, especially good-looking, fashion conscious ones - know what we're saying? What's more your pooch will never again suffer the indignity of walking around in public in the nod. And if that isn't incentive enough to get ordering immediately we really don't know what is. Woof!

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