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Proviz Saturn Bicycle Helmet
  • Proviz Saturn Bicycle Helmet

Proviz Saturn Bicycle Helmet

Flash your head lights

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    Front view

    Headlight on the front too

    No matter how experienced a cyclist you might be, there’s no accounting for other road users when it comes to safety. All it takes is a badly-timed sneeze on their part and they’ve missed you approaching the junction. But when it comes to being seen, you can’t go far wrong with the Proviz Saturn Bicycle Helmet.

    Sleek, stylish and so bright it would shame a sunset, this hardwearing helmet even has built in LEDs on the front and back. It’s perfect for cycling in low light, or scooting through busy traffic.

    The reflective yellow will catch the headlights of oncoming cars and the red and white LEDs let road users instantly know which way you’re heading. For daytime riding you can even snap the front visor off – taking the LEDs with it – for improved visibility.

    Designed to comply with CE EN 1078 safety standard, it’ll protect your noggin from all manner of knocks and bumps. And no matter how bad the traffic, the 21 separate ventilation holes will make sure you always keep a cool head.

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