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Proviz Electroluminescent Jacket For Men
  • Proviz Electroluminescent Jacket For Men

Proviz Electroluminescent Jacket For Men

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    Visible from all angles

    Taking high visibility to the next level, the Proviz Electroluminescent Jacket For Men actually produces it’s own light! What’s electroluminescence, you ask? Well, just as it’s a chemical reaction that causes fireflies to glow, this jacket produces the same effect using electricity – thanks to two AA batteries in the pocket.

    The tiny charge from these batteries passes up four strips on the body of the jacket, causing them to produce a constant glow or steady flash. Complemented by highly-reflective strips on the arms, sides and shoulders (plus the typical fluorescent yellow colour of high vis. gear) any cyclist wearing this incredible jacket can rest assured they’ll be seen – even in complete darkness.

    The jacket itself has been designed to keep you warm and dry, even in the driving rain. 100% waterproof and with a fleece-lined collar, it’s extremely comfortable and has several vents to help regulate your temperature. The first of its kind to be seen in Europe; this incredible jacket leaves all other high visibility clothing in the shade.

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