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Prove It!
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Prove It!

Buzz, bid, fib and forget

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    The makers of Prove It! describe it as 'a game of questions and answers'. But that's a bit like saying chess is a game of funny shaped pieces, so allow us to elaborate. Prove It! is a raucous electronic game that's all about... erm, well, it's all about proving it.

    Prove It!

    Well? Can you?

    We realise this sounds a bit childish but most of the funniest games are, so here's the deal: an electronic announcer asks players two types of question: Fast Fingers or Building. In the Fast Fingers round players must buzz-in and answer questions such as "Can you name five famous cowboys?" They must then prove it by giving a full answer before the automatic timer counts them out.

    Things really hot up with the Building questions as players must up the stakes and 'outbid' each other. "Can you name five types of pasta? What about six? Seven?" The question continues to build until only one player has pressed their Yes button. That player then has fifteen seconds to prove it.

    Prove It!

    One up your friends!

    It might sound easy but trying to name seven mafia movies against the clock as five smarmy opponents look on in glee is seriously stressful. It's also incredibly annoying when you discover the idiot you've just outbid wouldn't have been able to name any! But putting your brain in gear before your mouth is the name of the game.

    In fact with all this bluffing, Prove It! is a bit like quick fire poker with some daft but difficult questions thrown in. Once you start playing you'll wonder how you ever got by without it. It really is that addictive. Best of all you won't need to explain gameplay to newcomers because the talkative electronic announcer keeps things rolling as you play.

    We could prattle on about this brilliant game for ages but if you really want to have a go, hit Buy and Prove It!

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