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Protractor Pizza Cutter

For a more precise slice

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  • Kiss a greasy goodbye to woefully uneven pizza slices!
  • Markings for 6 slices on one side and 8 slices on t'other
  • No more hopeless rickety wheels, just a sharp stainless steel blade
  • Features cutting edge technology
  • Also works very well with birthday cakes and wheels of cheese
Divvying up pizza is a technical business, some people just can't (or won't) share food equally. Thanks to the Protractor Pizza Cutter, those woefully uneven slices are a thing of the past.

Made from stainless steel and emblazoned with a myriad of helpful ruler measurements, this geometric beauty allows for some seriously precise portion control. There are markings for 6 slices on one side or, if you're feeling more generous, just flip it over for 8 slices on the other.

No more rickety wheels getting clogged up with greasy mozzarella, the Protractor Pizza Cutter keeps things simple with a sharp rounded blade – it's effortless to clean.

If only it could solve disagreements over which slices are topped with more pepperoni, there's just no pleasing some people.

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  • "Gives a mathematically precise slice...."
    Sandalee - 7th of July, 2016