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Prosecco Pong
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Prosecco Pong

Sink the pink

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Prosecco Pong
Love it as much as we do?
  • Drinking games just got classy, sort of
  • Don't waste a good bottle of bubbly in those rancid red cups
  • Includes 12 wide Prosecco glasses and 3 pink ping pong balls
  • House parties will never be the same
The main problem with Beer Pong? The beer.

Prosecco Pong strips away the "ALLRIIIGHT! FRAT PARDAAAY!" chic and brings a touch of class to the usual pong proceedings. Well, for the first glass or two maybe.

Don't squander a good bottle of bubbly in some rancid red cups, you deserve the real deal. Prosecco Pong comes with 12 wide Prosecco glasses (because flutes would be ridiculous) and three pink ping pong balls.

Split into teams or go head to head, though we'd recommend the former – because if you're on the losing side, knocking back 6 glasses of Prosecco isn't really our idea of fun. Or is it?

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3 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "This was the perfect Valentine’s Day present. Well, it would have been if one of her friends hadn’t bought for her at Christmas."
    Fez - 19th of February, 2018
  • "A little over priced but another fun gift and party game."
    Anthony - 4th of January, 2018
  • "Amazing! Took it to a posh house party and it went down like a storm. "
    Eleanor - 15th of November, 2017