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    Projection Clock

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      Our friends Stateside have the saying "Spring Forward, Fall Backwards" to remind them of the chronological effects of the changing of the seasons. The corresponding English translation "Spring Forward, Autumn Backwards" was never really going to catch on, so as a nation we've had to resort to other methods to remember when to change from GMT to BST and vice-versa.

      The Projection Clock helps you avoid those messy "sorry - forgot to put the clock back" mornings at work (and neatly allows us to sidestep the whole "fall" versus "autumn" debate) through a technology called "ExactTime" - which basically means a radio signal emitted from Rugby in Warwickshire keeps your clock constantly in check.

      Of course, the main bonus is that you can project the time onto your wall/ceiling at night - offering chronic insomniacs something to look at as the hours roll by and the diabolically lazy a way to check the time with the minimum of effort.


      • 8-minute snooze function
      • Crescendo alarm with increasing volume to get you out of bed in the morning
      • Projects the time onto the wall/ceiling of a darkened room
      • Radio controlled clock with time synchronised by MSF radio signal from Rugby, Warwickshire (Always accurate and changes from BST to GMT)
      • Hi-Glo™ backlit display
      • 12 hour format
      Read a techie explanation of how the MSF radio signal works here.

      More detail and specification