Professional Football Table
  • Professional Football Table

Professional Football Table

Forget flickabouts, this is serious!

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    detail close-up

    The table is fitted with a high
    quality pitch and metal goals

    Think of table football and most of us think of the frantic pub game in which opposing players control the action via rotating rods upon which their teams have been skewered, shish kebab styley. But all that’s about to change thanks to the Professional Football Table because it’s designed for flickin’ amazing Subbuteo matches.

    Handmade in the UK, this gorgeously engineered laser cut table makes a superb centrepiece in any office, sports club or footie fan’s home. And seeing as Subbuteo is enjoying a renaissance after several years on the bench, there’s never been a better time to invest in the ultimate playing surface for flick and kick tournaments.

    Pick your team colours:
    Custom colour 1

    Red and Black

    Custom colour 2

    Yellow and Green

    Custom colour 3

    Claret and Blue

    The powder-coated metal frame and legs ensure the table won’t move during rowdy matches, while adjustable feet keep things 100% level. But what about the all-important pitch? Fear not because the playing surface is decked out with rubber-backed astroturf, so hard working fingers will feel the quality every time they wallop those wibbly-wobbly players. Even the goals are metal.


    Table measures 150cm x 94cm
    and has a regulation size pitch

    Sticklers for team colours will be pleased to know that the Professional Football Table can be custom sprayed to match any club: blue and white, red and black, claret and blue – the choice is yours. (NB: we might have to draw the line at yellow and green. Sorry Norwich.)

    Of course you could always opt to play Subbuteo on a regular desk, kitchen table or even (gasp) the floor, but if you’re looking to take your flickabouts to the ultimate level, this is the absolute Bernabeu of pretend playing venues. He shoots! He scores!

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