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Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill
  • Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill

Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill

Want to stop? Just hit paws

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    When they’re not looking so darned happy chasing their tails, jumping for bubbles, or burying our socks in the garden, we sometimes feel sorry for dogs.

    Why? Well, no matter what their age, size, or breed they still have to spend most of their walks trotting along at the same pace as their owners; which in doggie terms isn’t very fast. In fact, you can only tell what these amazing animals are really capable of when you let them loose in the park; and by goodness some of them will run and run!

    So if you’ve got a few quid spare, why not indulge your dog with the Professional Fit Fur Life Treadmill? Originally developed for rehabilitating injured animals and training service dogs, this pet-friendly treadmill will give your pampered pooch the exact amount of daily exercise he needs; whether he’s a burly St Bernard or a miniature schnauzer.



    Just like us humans, spending a few minutes a day on a treadmill can work wonders for a dog's health; boosting their circulation, stamina, muscle tone, and general well-being. It's also a great way to ease injured (or overweight) dogs back into exercise; gently working all of their muscle groups in a controlled environment.

    Start slowly and gently build up the pace as they gain confidence and their fitness improves. You’ll soon see a side of your dog you never knew existed. Come to think of it, maybe it’s them that feel sorry for us...

    Sure, at first glance it's a costly and lavish way for dog owners to save themselves a walk. But combined with their usual daily activities (walks in the park, swimming in duck ponds, fetching sticks, chasing pigeons, etc) the Fit Fur Life Treadmill will make sure your dog is always in peak physical condition. Plus, it's an absolute godsend when it's raining.



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