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    Why do now what you can do later?

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      Doodling all over expensive magazines is all well and good, until of course you snap out of your zombified state and realise you've just vandalised a perfectly good picture of your favourite babe/hunk du jour by giving him/her a comedy moustache, black tooth, dippy eye and profane facial tattoo.

      Procrastinator A3 That's where the marvellous Procrastinator range comes in. Each tear-off sheet within these ingenious pads full of fun is crammed with aimless drawing exercises, futile word games, meaningless gap-fillers and insignificant doodle-prompts that will keep you occupied for hours.

      Mousepad Procrastinator

      From deciding who deserves the biggest slap in the office to designing a particularly offensive tie, Procrastinators lets you plan, design, dismiss, decide and ignore a whole range of idiotic issues. There are now two sizes of Procrastinator to choose from: the big daddy A3 desktop version let's you avoid work on a wide canvas and the Mousepad Procrastinator is better suited to smaller or more overcrowded desks. Brilliant!

      Of course, each featured task has absolutely no significance at all, but when you're busy doing nothing, who cares? There are no questions to answer, solutions to find or puzzles to solve. And that's the real beauty of it. Wasting time has never been so fulfilling!

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