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Procrastinator Pocket Doodler

    Procrastinator Pocket Doodler

    The complete waste of time

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      Like it or not, habits that we develop in infancy can stay with us for life. A penchant for Ribena, playing games and the ability throw a wobbler at the slightest indignation are just some of characteristics that remain long after rusks, rattles and backside rashes fade into memory. Doodling is another of these lifelong traits that we find hard to shake.

      Which is why the Procrastinator has proved to be so addictive. Basically, the Procrastinator offers over 1000 drawing exercises, word games, gap-fillers and nonsense doodle prompts that, by rights, should not be as entertaining as they are. They fill perfectly those moments of mind wandering that crop up more times than you would like, and a very high percentage are of a very entertaining nature.

      With each task having absolutely no significance whatsoever, thereÂ’s no thinking to be done - and this total absence of anything taxing is one of the ProcrastinatorÂ’s best features. ItÂ’s not hard like a crossword, yet it clearly beats scrawling a random image on the corner of a Post-It because the few seconds of comedy that a Procrastinator regularly generates are a Godsend at moments of utter boredom during working hours. Come up with a blinder of a quip, scribble or idea and satisfaction is guaranteed.

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