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Printed Christmas Tree Poster
  • Printed Christmas Tree Poster

Printed Christmas Tree Poster


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    Roll it out and hang it up!

    Ahh… the heady scent of slowly decaying pine needles. The awkward pain of broken decorations under foot. The absurd difficulty of getting a six-foot dead tree into your living room. These are the modern-day joys of the traditional Christmas Tree.

    At Firebox we’re all for tradition, but sometimes we just want things to be a little simpler. So you can imagine how jolly we were when we found the Printed Christmas Tree Poster.

    One dimensional (in the best possible way) and beautifully detailed, at over a metre and a half tall, it’s no shrinking violet. Plus, it’s super portable, reusable and won’t stink out your house.

    Unroll that tree, and gather round kids, it’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.

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