Cool Mother's Day Gifts 2018


Draws its own conclusions.

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  • The answers to all of life's big questions lie inside this pen
  • Just press it for an instant decision
  • Random responses to rule your existence
  • Perfect for immediately resolving opinionated debates
Are you indecisive? Wait, don’t answer that. Instead, why not ask the mystical, fantastical Predict-a-Pen? Like its rotund cousin the Mystic 8 Bal, this nifty ballpoint will always be on hand to give you an answer.

Whether it’s the right answer, we’ll leave to chance. Because the Predict a Pen is loaded with an equal number of Yes or No responses. Asking it a question is like tossing a coin; only with a far friendlier range of replies. Just click the button on top and the barrel inside will spin and stop at a random reply. From ‘Dude, no way’, ‘Without a doubt’, ‘Not for a million $’, and many more, it’s perfect for affirming your own decisions or resolving arguments. Should I buy those shoes? Is Star Trek better than Star Wars? Can I live without this incredible pen? Decisions, decisions...

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