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Prank Box

Don’t pity ‘em

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    Suffer fools? Pah! Make them suffer with your very own Prank Box. Packed with all sorts of tricksy bits and bobs, this hand-picked kit gives you all the tools you need to annoy your victims to distraction.

    Echo Bot Echo Bot Echo Bot Echo Bot

    Echo Bot
    RRP: £8.99

    Screaming Flying Monkey
    RRP: £5.99

    Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle
    RRP: £14.99

    Red Hot Chilli Jellies
    RRP: £6.99

    Launch the Screaming Flying Monkey at distant targets; share around some fiery Red Hot Chilli Jellies for close-quarters fun; and lock and load the Rapid Fire Hawk Rifle to cover your retreat. Heck, you can even use the voice-mimicking Echo Bot to annoy people when you’re not there!

    Available only until April 1st (and only while stocks last), this handy kit makes pranking your friends an absolute doddle. Just don’t get caught doing it after lunch...

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