Powerstroke Bungee Cord Trainer
  • Powerstroke Bungee Cord Trainer

Powerstroke Bungee Cord Trainer

More power to your paddle

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    Kit comes with an instruction DVD

    If you’re a surfer, you’ll know how hard it is not only standing up on the board, but just getting the darn thing out to sea in the first place. The Powerstroke Bungee Cord Trainer works all the muscle groups you need to improve your paddling skills while you’re on your board – giving you the power you need to chase down the best waves and beat the competition to them.

    But this versatile piece of kit isn’t just for surfers. Use it with a balance board it’s a great way to boost your stability. Or hook it up in the gym for a host of brilliantly-simple resistance exercises. The set comes with a DVD to talk you through each one and help you on the way to surfing stardom – or just better upper-body fitness.

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