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Powerful Rebounder

    Powerful Rebounder

    Help! There's a four-wheeled lunatic on the loose!

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      Just when we thought those ingenious R/C car designers from the Far East could shock us no more, along hurtles the outrageously OTT Powerful Rebounder. Fair play, it's not the snazziest name around, but believe us when we tell you this is one hell of a madcap motor. With its humungous chunky wheels and sleek, space-aged body, the Powerful Rebounder is capable of executing a quite stupefying array of stunts.


      This is primarily thanks to the fact that both front and rear left hand wheels are attached to a fully revolving arm, activated by a button on the hand held remote unit. Unhinged? Just a bit, because the aforementioned arm allows the car to perform leaps, back flips, front flips, 180s, rolls, tumbles, wheelies, 360s and just about any other outrageous feat you'd care to think of.


      In fact, after a quick spin you won't even know whether the darn thing is the right way up, as it works upside down too. You control the action via a twin toggle/one button radio control unit, whilst the car itself is powered by a hefty and rather ingenious articulated 7.2V rechargeable battery pack (4 hour recharge time).

      Big old wheels

      We really can't overemphasise the bouncing-off-the-walls fun of this rugged little beast, suffice it to say it makes most other R/C cars look positively dreary. Hell hath no fury like the powerfully rebounding, enormous wheels having, 360° spinning, unstoppably windmilling Powerful Rebounder!

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