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Powerbuzz Magnets

They came from outer space - possibly!

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    Some things in life are utterly compelling for no discernable reason: fish tanks, I'm A Celebrity, bubblewrap, re-runs of Bullseye - the list goes on and on. And now, thanks to Firebox, you can add something else: Powerbuzz Magnets. But what in tarnation are Powerbuzz Magnets? Well, despite sounding like some kind of strange ointment for an android's rear port, these curious yet beautiful little oblique spheroids are actually incredibly powerful magnets that simply can't bear to be apart.

    Powerbuzz Magnets are set to become the hottest new stress relieving gizmo/desktop plaything, and are so enthralling you'll forget your worries, your work and everything else in between. Try pulling them apart and holding them on your desk with the tips touching. Then let go. What happens next is truly mesmerising and the first time you witness it you may emit a somewhat amazed yelp. We know we did!

    UberOrbs vibrating Upon releasing the Powerbuzz Magnets they immediately perform a manic magnetic ballet of attraction and repulsion; clashing, spinning and making a spookily unnerving insectoid chirping sound in the process (our musical friends tell us this is called a 'glissando'). Initially, this fascinating phenomenon is startling, but after a few goes you'll be totally hypnotised and unable to put them down.

    UberOrbs party There are numerous ways you can play with Powerbuzz Magnets (see the videos below for some examples) and their extremely magnetic properties combined with their aesthetically pleasing and tactile shape will have you playing with them absentmindedly for hours on end, a bit like modern day worry beads. We confidently predict Powerbuzz Magnets are a craze waiting to explode.

    Tips and tricks:
    UberOrbs To start off, hold the Powerbuzz Magnets in the palm of one hand. Using your thumb, separate them to about one centimeter apart. With a bit of practise, when you release them they will produce a fascinating sound. Try pinching them onto your middle finger, separate the ends with your thumb and middle finger and release to produce a beautiful glissando.

    UberOrbs Clasp the Powerbuzz Magnets between your thumb and first two fingers. Squeezing gently will spin them briefly in the air, producing a musical whistle. Try spinning them from one hand to the other.

    Balance them by holding one above the other. Move the top one downwards slowly until the bottom one can stand on its own and swing like a metronome. Try hanging one Powerbuzz Magnet from another to create a pendulum.

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