Cool Mother's Day Gifts 2018

PowerUp FPV - Paper Aeroplane VR Drone

Fly like paper get high like planes

Product not available at the moment.
  • Built-in camera lets you see what the paper plane sees
  • Control it with your smartphone or the included VR headset
  • Autopilot stabilising for easy flying in windy conditions
  • Reaches speeds up to 20mph, automatic takeoff and crash detection
  • Video and audio recording and streaming capabilities
  • Includes eight templates for multiple aeroplane design possibilities
Not content with just creating the original smartphone-controlled paper aeroplane; the makers have teamed up with serial drone designers, Parrot – to take their invention to impressive new heights.

Meet PowerUp FPV, the first ever paper aeroplane drone to feature a live streaming camera.

This nimble craft cleverly generates its own Wi-Fi hotspot so you can control it and stream live footage to your smartphone from up to 90 metres away. Just pop your phone in the included VR headset and suddenly you're in the cockpit of the paper aeroplane – controlling its flight path through gentle, intuitive head movements.

Suitable for beginners and experienced pilots alike; an array of impressive autopilot and stabilising features make it easier to fly in windy conditions and practically impossible to crash!

Best of all, it comes with an array of different templates so there are multiple ways you can design your plane.

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