PowerMonkey Extreme
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PowerMonkey Extreme

Don’t get stranded in the wilderness

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    comes in a neat carry case

    Travel pouch to keep everything tidy

    Remember how Mum used to tell you not to go wandering off? Well forget that. With the PowerMonkey Extreme on your side you can go anywhere you like and not come back for days!

    This handy gadget provides hours of extra power for portable devices. Think of it as a back-up battery that, once charged, holds its power without leakage for up to a year. Simply plug it into your gizmos and let the juice flow. So whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, laptop, PSP, GPS, or MP3 player you'll never be caught out with a dead battery again.

    the whole kit

    Enough adapters to charge nearly any gadget you have!

    Built for all weathers, the clamshell design is waterproof and dustproof. So it’s great for carting into the back end of beyond. And speaking of weather, the Extreme is armed with a Polysilicon solar panel. If you’re running low on power, just leave it out in the sunshine and it’ll top itself back up. And if your yomp in the wilderness happens to end in a nice hotel room? Well there’s an AC adapter or a USB adapter for topping up the battery too. How’s that for useful?

    Available in 3 colours:





    Don't leave home without it

    In fact when it comes to essential travelling companions, PowerMonkeys are liable to oust fresh pants and toothpaste because they're always on hand to provide emergency power when you need it most. Take four bulky chargers on holiday? No thanks.

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