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  • PowerGorilla


Emergency power for laptops

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    Give your laptop up to 6 hours extra power!

    Put down your piddly charger and step away from that pathetic spare battery. The ultimate emergency charger is here, and its name is PowerGorilla. Don't ask why. Just do as we say and buy, because this energy-packed slice of genius will revolutionise the way you use your laptop and other portable gadgets.


    Charges almost any gadget!

    Mammoth in capacity but diminutive in size (similar to a slim paperback) this high density lithium polymer rechargeable battery will juice up virtually anything, from laptops and mobile phones to sat navs, portable DVD players and video cameras. It can even charge several devices at once. Wow!

    We're not entirely sure why it's called PowerGorilla but you're bound to go 'ooh', and maybe even 'ooh-ooh' when you witness its almighty charging ability. It certainly makes a monkey out of the competition.


    Even two at a time!

    Mains charged, the PowerGorilla is ideal for Cosmo P. Olitan gadgeteers as it comes with a raft of adaptor plugs, so you can give laptops a big ol' wallop of welly almost anywhere in the world. It also comes with a heap of adaptors, allowing you to hook it up to virtually any battery-powered device. Just select which voltage you require and the LCD screen will indicate your chosen setting.


    Charge USB products

    The PowerGorilla really comes into its own when it's adding oomph to laptops. Thanks to its 24 volt capacity it can provide up to 6 hours of additional energy (depending on laptop spec). It's perfect for long flights and even longer delays. Never again will you be left wondering what happened to Gollum whilst cursing your useless battery.


    Protective neoprene zip
    case included

    With its sleek aluminium casing and shock-resistant rubber protection strips, the PowerGorilla is as robust as it is stylish. Throw in a pile of safety features to protect against voltage surges, overcharging, overheating and much more, and you're looking at the ultimate spare battery. We'll even chuck in a natty neoprene case.

    Yes, there are cheaper spare batteries around, but comparing them to the PowerGorilla is a bit like comparing a pack of cheapo AAAs with a designer nuclear power station. As He-Man used to say: 'I have the Power!'


    Comes complete with everything you could ever need!

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