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PowerBlock USB Mains Charger
  • PowerBlock USB Mains Charger

PowerBlock USB Mains Charger

Save yourself a socket

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    Detail of plug and Apple charging cable

    A standard charge/sync cable
    is included

    Charging your Apple gadget can be a faff, especially if keep having to unplug lamps, computers and life support systems to free up a plug socket. Well, you’re not alone. It seems the clever tech-types at Griffin have been having the same problem as well, which is why they’ve invented the PowerBlock USB Mains Charger.

    This brilliantly simple AC adaptor plugs into any mains socket and features its own built-in 3-pin plug socket. So far that doesn’t seem very clever, but look underneath and you’ll find there’s also a USB socket for your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Attach the supplied USB charging cable and you’re good to go. So now you can leave your important mains-powered equipment plugged in and charge your Apple gadgets all at the same time.

    Especially handy for using a laptop while you charge your iPhone, the compact shape of the PowerPlug makes it ideal for anyone on the move. Just pop it in your bag and you won’t have to take the kettle out of action at work just to give your gizmo a little juice. Now why didn’t we think of that?

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