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Exclusive Deals

Power Pets

Creature Companions

  • Cat
    In Stock£14.99$20.00€16.79
  • Panda
    In Stock£14.99$20.00€16.79
  • Pig
    In Stock£14.99$20.00€16.79
Love it as much as we do?
  • Keep your USB devices replenished with a creature companion
  • Powerful 2600mAh battery recharges your phone with charge to spare
  • Lightweight and pocket-sized
  • Trained to obey basic commands like "stay!" and "charge my phone!"
You're probably wondering "who has a pig and a panda for a pet?!"

Someone does. Somewhere. And that's all that matters.

Each of these pocket-sized Power Pets contains a 2600mAh battery that'll fully charge your mobile with juice to spare. Just plug your own USB cable straight into their butts and they'll power up just about anything your heart desires.

Whether your'e commuting to work, flying abroad or lazing about at a music festival, make sure you sling one of these critters in your bag.

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