Potato Crisp Hand
  • Potato Crisp Hand

Potato Crisp Hand

Ultimate crisp muncher’s companion

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    Potato Crisp Hand
    When it comes to forehead-slappingly brilliant inventions our Japanese friends are world leaders. From phase distortion synthesis and Space Invaders to monosodium glutamate and instant noodles. But the stupendously silly Potato Crisp Hand surely trumps the lot.

    Despite resembling Mickey Mouse’s amputated arm, this ingenious grabber is set to become a must-have accessory amongst discerning crisp-munchers. Why? Because it allows you to scoff crisps without getting your mitts greasy. Simply push the button and the comedy hand will pluck your crisps from their packet or pile. Look ma, no hands!

    Potato Crisp Hand

    No more greasy fingers!

    Ideal for screen monkeys eager to avoid greasy keyboards, the Potato Crisp Hand features an ingenious clutch mechanism (or NBCS – No Broken Clutch System) that makes crisp breakage virtually impossible, no matter how hard you press the button. Busted Quavers? No way!

    It even boasts a No Table Touch System so it won’t sully surfaces when you put it down. This really is the pinnacle of industrial engineering. Sort of. Pass the Pringles.

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