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Portable Wine Glasses
  • Portable Wine Glasses

Portable Wine Glasses

Vin' and Juice

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  • Un-wine-d with these Portable Wine Glasses
  • The classier way to booze on the move
  • What’s your poison? Portable
  • Assembles like a dream
  • Your bevvy escapades just got miles more convenient


Do you boast an impeccable passion for booze? Then you’ll likely find this pair of Portable Stacking Wine Glasses a blessing in disguise. Heck, this blessing’s not even in disguise. It’s a glaringly obvious blessing. Perhaps the most blatant blessing we’ve ever come across in fact.

It’s never been easier to glug on the go. This pair of durable plastic wine glasses are not only dapper in appearance, they’re a treat to assemble. Simply screw the stem together and what’s that? That, you beverage loving fiend, is your elegant new wine glass. Once you’ve hoofed enough vino, unscrew the stem and store neatly in the glass for travel. It’s almost too convenient*.

Whether you’re looking to impress at a picnic, have a relatively sophisticated tipple at Glasto, or drown a sorrow or two on the morning commute, it’s never been easier with these portable wine glasses.

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  • "Perfect for outdoor/camping use. Can even use them as wine glasses and just normal tumblers."
    Kaylee - 29th of July, 2015